Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Things Simone and I learnt at Culross today.

1) wear thermals on the lower half!

2) it's inevitable that if you stand in one place for 3 hours in wind and rain hoping to see something, the minute you give up, you'll miss it!

3) Matt Roberts looks just like his Twitter avatar. ;) 

4) The drivers and security are very generous with sweeties and lollipops!

5) A woman called Ann (or that was her characters name) was ushered past us to set. (She was more than just an extra, we saw her chair being moved later ;)

6) they filmed the ear nailing scene and wrapped that at 4pm. 

7) we worked out due to the chairs we saw getting moved and the fact we knew Cait and Graham were remaining on set that they were also filming the scene where Dougal takes Claire to see Black Jack at the inn.   We know this cos we saw Jack's chair ;)

8) This scene was filmed at Culross Palace.  Around the corner from the market square. 

9) you always end up staying far longer than you intend!

10) Filming stops this Friday until the new year. (Thank heavens as my feet might have warmed up by then!) ;)


  1. Ann could maybe be Ann Badland who is playing Mrs. Fitz.

  2. you both are so cute. Love the blog notes today and your photo! thanks so much!

  3. Just found your blog, thanks for keeping us updated without spoiling things for Starz.