Monday, 13 December 2010

Two birds one stone.

You know sometimes it's the simple things in life that can bring a smile to the face.  Well mine anyway :)

During my first trip to the US many moons ago, I delighted in getting to eat my Chinese take away from a cardboard carton.  In the UK we either get foil or plastic boxes (at least in this area).  For years I'd watched US TV shows where characters would sit down around a table of cartons and wolf into them.  None of the thumb slicing pleasure of trying to get the cardboard off the foil boxes! 

I've also said for donkeys that this town could do with a noodle shop.  It would be really popular with the School kids and ... me!  Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one was opening up!  Today I discovered it's been open for 5 weeks!  Took my eye off the ball there!

So lunch was hot and spicy chicken noodles..... in a carton!  Woohoo!

Dreams do come true! ;)

Other odd things I enjoyed about my US/Canadian trips:
  1. Hearing a freight train horn at night.
  2. NFL games, go Niners!
  3. Free coffee stops on the highways. (Amazing!)
  4. Diners
Things I didn't like
  1. One flavour of crisps (chips)?!
  2. Cars can turn right even if the light is red (what's that all about?!)
  3. Sales tax!
Anyway, anyone else had TV inspired wants? ;)