Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Starfury Throne Con

Another post which must mean another convention!  My friend Louise and I attended Starfury Throne Con which was held in Birmingham with Maisie Williams, John Bradley, Rory McCann, Roxanne McKee, Josef Altin and Miltos Yerolemou.

The weekend didn't start off well with me discovering at the airport check-in that I had my mother's passport!  Luckily my work ID was okay to use.  Then my phone provider went on the fritz and due to my stupidity I had no internet access until Sunday afternoon!  EEKS!  Calm calm!

As it's all a blur I'll outline highlights instead of going day by day.

John's humour.  When asked what super power he'd like after much deliberation he decided there was no super power that couldn't be bought with a voucher.  Being Northern he likes to save his money ;)  He also described that awkward moment of watching the infamous Littlefinger scene with is parents.  He really could be a comedian.  John was very rock and roll on Friday wearing a leather jacket and a quiff.  Saturday he was very dapper in a black suit and white shirt.  He talked about how cold it had been in Iceland and yet they all left feeling like they'd enjoyed themselves.  He also mentioned that there's a significant change to Sam's life coming up in Season 2 (which readers can guess) and he's really enjoyed playing that.

Rory started the weekend wearing the Hound helmet t-shirt which got a cheer.  I nearly dropped my camera during his first talk when he shouted "look at me!"  Another common request was "Yarp!" ;)  He says he's always recognised in Scotland as the porage man and apparently judged a porage cooking competition in my home town where he had to try porage with herring in it.  Bleurgh.  He also talked about his sister and her work on Game of Thrones (I didn't know she did!).  She works in the costume department and occasionally they'll bump into each other and have a mini giddy moment.  She also helped out on the Beowulf film that was shot in Iceland with Gerrard Butler.

Rory loves living on his boat and wants to sail it to Belfast instead of staying in the hotel.  He's not sure DnD will let him though.  His dream is to get the boat kitted out enough to go sailing around the world. Rory also makes his own Sloe Gin with a little help from the fairies. I had no idea that there's such secrecy on the whereabouts of sloe bushes!

He seems to be a man of opposites.  He loves his isolation and shuns the lime light but also seems to have a desire to perform.  He and Miltos sat with Louise and I on Sunday night blethering away.  Great chat and lovely guys.  Most memorable fact to find out about the big  man, he used to be in a band with Carol Smilie which included fire extinguishers and capes!  That's probably more amusing for UKers who know who Carol Smilie is ;) 

I asked Rory what it was like working with Jack Gleeson.  He says he's really a lovely young man who's studying philosophy at Uni at the moment.  On the Saturday he admitted to being a bit of a joker on set.  He's been known to be on all fours in front of the Iron Throne woofing away, rolling over and getting his tummy scratched. He also likes to steal people swords just before a shot.

//Spoilerish question
He'd expressed regret his audition scene wasn't in season 1 and how maybe one day he'd get to do something like it.  I asked how the SanSan relationship was going in Season 2.  He said there had been 3 options that they tried out and have gone for one that well the fans will just have to be happy with.  He seemed to hope they would be.

He also stated he's really looking forward to working with Maisie.
// End of spoilerish questions

Miltos told us about his new production for the summer.  It's the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and is held in Regent's Park.  It will be very high tech and he's really looking forward to it.  Miltos and Maisie were on stage together on Saturday and good to see the old team back together.  It was Miltos and Rory on Sunday.  Sadly I missed most of that talk but judging by the laughs from the audience it went well.

Josef arrived on the Saturday and the poor guy was a little stage struck at being sat in front of 120+ people.  He was on stage with John on Saturday and Sunday.  He's involved with a lot of projects at the moment including Les Mis where he has one line to sing.  During the closing ceremony he wanted to give something back to the attendees to read out the Nights Watch vow.  It was great.  Then on the Sunday night he had to leave sharp.  While waiting on his car, he ran around the bar hugging all the attendees he could find saying thanks and good bye.  He's such a lovely guy.  I wish him all the success he deserves.

Roxanne was on stage herself for both days.  She did mention that Doreah doesn't die in the show and when people started to shout "spoilers!" she back tracked a little and said no no, no it's not.  She's actually Canadian born and hopes to get some work over there.  She really admires Harry Lloyd and would love to work with him again.  She's a rock chick liking the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and such.  She has a degree in politics but hasn't really used it since.  She had a great time, she'd not done a convention before and would love to do one again.

Oooh blush ;)  Maisie was also presented with the cast of her and Sophie's hands which was done at Titan Con.

I have to give a shout out to all those that entered the fancy dress competition.  Some amazing outfits.

Some photos of the con can be found on my Flickr page.

Well that's all I can remember at the moment.  I might update if I remember more.

Next con for me is Titan Con 2 in Sept and Sean's just announced there will be a Throne Con 2 in January.  I'll be booking that up too.  It's always great fun to meet up with fellow ASoIaF fans :)